Room-Temperature, Storage & Logistics

vivoPHIX fixation and stabilisation provides a simple way to store and transport samples at a range of temperatures, so that dry-ice, liquid nitrogen or wet-ice are not necessary. Simply immersing the sample in vivoPHIX provides the required ideal storage conditions, so that samples can be collected over several days or weeks before, if desired, being processed together as a multi-sample batch. If preferred, samples can be dissected and prepared in vivoPHIX and then stored and transported in 96-well plates at room temperature.

Room-temperature logistics case study

Adult mosquitos were immersed in a 96 well vivoPHIX filled plate and transported from East Africa to the UK via Dubai where cargo temperatures reached 45°C. Succesful isolation of high quality RNA was nevertheless achieved.

HEF Cell Integrity after 3 Years Storage at 37°C in vivoPHIX

Open top 24-well plate


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