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RNAssist’s products have been used all over the world, both in leading research laboratories and out in the field, including for biosampling during caving expeditions, aboard marine research boats and in tropical forests. The extensive range of its applications for these products is attributable to their universal and powerful biomolecule stabilisation properties, safety during transportation and a myriad of other unique properties such as their microbicide activity, cell and tissue fixation capability (even with frozen-tissues), compatibility with multiple front-end nucleic-acid purification platforms (RNeasy, QIAcube, Nucleosens) and multiple supporting protocols generated by the RNAssist user community.

A quick overview

In the air
Blood sampling from bats in France, Mosquito storage and transport from East Africa

In the sea
Marine filtrates from the Malacca Straights and the North Sea

On the ground

At the farm

At the hospital

In the lab


Case study ; Dengue Virus inactivation

Dr. Sarah Merkling, an expert of insect-virus interactions working at the Pasteur Institute, Paris has demonstrated and had approved a protocol for the inactivation of Dengue virus using vivoPHIX. Following treatment of the Dengue virus with vivoPHIX, C6/36 Mosquito host cells were incubated for 5 days before staining with anti-Dengue antibody. No Dengue virus presence was detected.

Case study ; Influenza A inactivation

An Influenza A expert working at the Pasteur Institute has demonstrated and had approved a protocol for the inactivation of Influenza A virus (plaque forming assay with A549 cells) using vivoPHIX. This has provided her with a safe way to handle and transport cells that have been infected with the virus.

Case study ; Stabilisation of HCV in plasma

Two strains of HCV in human plasma was stored either for 6 months at -80°C or, mixed with vivoPHIX and stored for 6 months at 20°C prior to HCV RNA extraction (Nucleosens) and RT-qPCR. The results showed identical Ct values indicating HCV RNA in vivoPHIX was equivalent to -80°C.

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