Case Study Immunofluorescence

genoPHIX™ is for fixing and paraffin embedding tissue sections for a variety of histology applications including H&E staining, ISH, FISH, IHC and Immunofluorescence. Because our reagents do not cross-link, all biomoleules including RNA, DNA and proteins are protected from degradation during paraffin processing leading to improved target detection in tissue sections and when needed, extraction of high quality intact biomolecules for downstream applications including Western blotting, NGS and RT-PCR. All types of tissues can be fixed with genoPHIX™ including brain, salivary glands, oesphagus, lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver, pancreas and heart. Both genoPHIX™ treated tissue culture cells and tissue sections are compatible with Fluorescent Antibody or Lectin immunofluorescence.
genoPHIX™ fixed bovine midbrain (obex), paraffin embedded, stained with Anti-prion mAb F99 (AlexaFluor 532 conjugated). Many thanks to John Ray (Camdaian Food Inspection Agency CFIA/ACIA).