vivoPHIX™, genoPHIX™ and virusPHIX™

Next generation biosample stabilization

RNAssist has developed virusPHIX™ for virus inactivation and RNA stabilization, safe collection and transport of SARS-CoV-2 clinical swab and saliva samples to testing labs for Covid-19 Lateral Flow and PCR testing. Additionally our vivoPHIX™ and genoPHIX™ products can be used for cell and tissue fixation, tissue dissociation, IHC, IF, ISH, FISH, scRNA-seq and other multi-omic applications.
Featured research:

Fixation Before Dissociation Using a Deep Eutectic Solvent Preserves In Vivo States and Phospho-Signaling in Single-Cell Sequencing

Single-cell RNA sequencing presents an opportunity to deconstruct cellular networks but is limited by the loss of biological information. In this study, a new method of fixation before dissociation using a deep eutectic solvent (DES) is presented.  


This method enables multiple domains of in vivo biological data, including morphology, RNA, proteins and posttranslational modifications to be preserved. The study demonstrates how deep eutectic based fixatives will allow the accurate reconstruction of in vivo cellular networks and uncover links between intracellular pathways.

vivoPHIX™, genoPHIX™ and virusPHIX™

Core features

vivoPHIX, genoPHIX and virusPHIX are patented, universal clinical sample stabilization and inactivation reagents with variously proven Research Use Only (RUO) and diagnostics applications including cell and tissue fixation, ISH, IF, tissue dissociation, scRNA-seq, NGS, viral transport, RT-PCR and Lateral Flow rapid tests

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Cell & Tissue Fixation

  • Cellular morphology of fresh & fresh frozen tissue is conserved
  • Samples can be embeded in paraffin for staining
  • Compatible with GFP detection, IF, IHC, ISH H&E and RNAscope imaging

RNA, DNA & Protein Stabilization

  • Long-term biomolecule stabilisation
  • Substantially improves RNA and DNA quality compared to competing products
  • Compatible with front-end RNA purification kits even when the sample is blood

Tissue Dissociation

  • Easy non-protease dissociation into individual cells retaining original 3D morphological characteristics with scRNAseq compatibility
  • Ready-to-use protocol for single-cell RNA/Seq
  • Can be used for 16S NGS and WTA metagenomics

Virus Inactivation, Bacteria /Fungi/Parasite Killing Tests

  • Inactivates viruses, bacteria & yeast
  • Easy storage & transportation of sensitive samples
  • Stabilises HCV RNA for at least 12 months and SARS-CoV-2 RNA for least 6 weeks at 20°C 

Safe Handling

  • Very low toxicity, non-flammable, non-crosslinking
  • No hood : carcinogen-free & low volatility reagent unlike formaldehyde
  • Partially biodegradable
  • Room temperature use

virusPHIX™ Virus Transport Media, SARS-CoV-2 inactivation, RNA and Antigen Stabilisation

  • Improves biosafety and logistics when transporting Covid-19 samples
  • Protects samples from excessive heat damage
  • Works with both swabs and saliva for Nucleic Acid and Antigen testing

Overview of vivoPHIX™ and genoPHIX™ workflow for integrated molecular pathology, diagnostics and multi-omics applications

vivoPHIX™, genoPHIX™ and virusPHIX™


vivoPHIX, genoPHIX and virusPHIX are patented next generation tissue fixatives and biomolecule stabilisers, microbicide and are compatible with all biological sample types, both liquid and solid. vivoPHIX has been tested by over 300 leading researchers worldwide. Please ask for our tissue dissociation protocols for single-cell multi-omic applications including scRNA-seq.


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How to use vivoPHIX™ and genoPHIX™

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vivoPHIX™, genoPHIX™ and virusPHIX™

More than 300 evaluators worldwide

vivoPHIX™, genoPHIX™, virusPHIX™ and virusPHIX-P9™ are patented next generation cell and tissue fixatives, biomolecule stabilisers with powerful virus and bacterial inactivation properties. Our reagents are universally compatible with all sample types including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, plants and animal cells and tissues. Both liquid and solid samples are rapidly and completely rendered fixed, stabilised and inactivated. Our reagents have been tested by over 300 leading academic labs worldwide.

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vivoPHIX™, genoPHIX™ and virusPHIX™

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