RNAssist announces new manufacturing & supply agreement with Rapid Labs

RNAssist and Rapid Labs Agree on Manufacturing and Supply Agreement for genoPHIX™ and vivoPHIX™ Biomolecule Stabilisation, Tissue Fixation and Microbial Inactivation Technology.

Cambridge and Colchester, UK. 22nd January 2020

RNAssist (www.RNAssist.com) has developed several universal biological sample stabilisation, fixation and microbial inactivation reagents. Rapid Labs (www.rapidlabs.co.uk) a manufacturer and supplier of medical and veterinary diagnostic reagents, announced today an agreement under which RNAssist will grant Rapid Labs the right to manufacture and supply the genoPHIX™ and vivoPHIX™ products.

Rapid Labs will manufacture, market and supply the technology worldwide for Research Use Only (RUO) applications in order to facilitate and expand the world-wide availability of RNAssist’s reagents for use across a broad range of research sectors including fundamental and applied research, drug development, food safety and biotechnology.

The technology is based in part, on the discovery by RNAssist that certain massively hydrogen-bonded organic liquids protect RNA, DNA, proteins and phosphoproteins from damage during transport and storage, in both liquid biopsies and solid biological samples, permitting effortless integration with existing downstream multi-analyte sample preparation workflows.

The genoPHIX™ and vivoPHIX™ reagents will be supplied for a broad range of applications including sample storage and transport, RNAseq, scRNA-seq, scDNA-seq, metagenomics, multi-omics, virus and bacterial inactivation, and tissue fixation and staining (IHC, IF and ISH).

This Manufacturing and Supply agreement strengthens the existing relationship between RNAssist and Rapid Labs in the area of sample stabilisation and fixation technologies,” Andrew Goldsborough, the CSO of RNAssist stated. “It shows our focus on rapidly building on the solid pre-existing base of our 240 member evaluation community including world-class researchers at leading academic institutions and, major diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.”

“We are thrilled to start this new partnership with RNAssist” stated Ian Christopher, CEO of Rapid Labs. Their extensive experience of nucleic acid chemistry and biomolecule stabilisation coupled with our experience in manufacturing and international sales makes it a very promising and exciting opportunity for both parties. Our extensive network of customers, distributors, agents and NGOs across the world will offer a substantial platform for introducing RNAssist products into the global scientific market. The RNAssist range will offer significant benefits to many customers – not only from an economic perspective (RNAssist-treated samples can be shipped and stored at room temperature, eliminating the need for expensive cold-chain transport) but from a safety handling point of view too (RNAssist has the capability to inactivate many viruses and bacteria, offering the potential to work in lower biosecurity settings). What’s more, the unique properties of vivoPHIX™ enabling single-cell analysis is truly exciting and opens up a huge range of opportunities for many researching laboratories.”  

About RNAssist

RNAssist are a Cambridge based technology developer founded in 2013 dedicated to tissue fixation and biomolecule stabilisation, including RNA. With over 40 years of collective expertise in this field, the founders have previously developed, patented and licensed a series of advanced RNA technologies to market-leaders in the life sciences. RNAssist are proud to be in a position to now make available exclusive licenses of the breakthrough vivoPHIX™ and genoPHIX™ technology, truly groundbreaking cell and tissue fixative and biomolecule stabilisation reagents. www.RNAssist.com.

About Rapid Labs

Rapid Labs are a global manufacturer and supplier of medical diagnostics & research products. Established in 2008, the company offers over 800 products including blood grouping reagents, rapid diagnostic tests, ELISAs and reagents to laboratories in over 110 countries. Their highly-experienced team of export sales coordinators allow Rapid Labs’ products to be shipped efficiently with the correct documentation to some of the most remote parts of the world. www.rapidlabs.co.uk.



 Malcolm Bates, PhD

CFO, RNAssist Limited


+(44) 7835 562729

Ian Christopher

CEO, Rapid Labs Limited


+(44) 1206 250484

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