Easy next generation biosample stabilization with vivoPHIX™

vivoPHIX™ enables dissociation of biomolecules from tissue for single cell analysis.


vivoPHIX™ can be used for downstream single-cell genomic analysis including scRNA-seq and CITE-seq.


Discover how vivoPHIX™ can help simplify and enhance your workflows.


Featured research:

Fixation Before Dissociation Using a Deep Eutectic Solvent Preserves In Vivo States and Phospho-Signaling in Single-Cell Sequencing

Single-cell RNA sequencing presents an opportunity to deconstruct cellular networks but is limited by the loss of biological information. In this study, a new method of fixation before dissociation using a deep eutectic solvent (DES) is presented.  


This method enables multiple domains of in vivo biological data, including morphology, RNA, proteins and posttranslational modifications to be preserved. The study demonstrates how deep eutectic based fixatives will allow the accurate reconstruction of in vivo cellular networks and uncover links between intracellular pathways.



in situ Hybridization

Single-Cell Analysis

How to use vivoPHIX™ and genoPHIX™

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